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Wine Organizer Deluxe

Wine Organizer Deluxe is a complete program that allows wine collectors, hobbyists, wine clubs
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27 November 2009

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Wine is an alcoholic beverage typically manufactured from fermented grape juice and considerably has lots of enthusiasts all over the world. Wine tasting is also a profession wanted by many, involving sensory examination and evaluation of wine; wine collecting involves collection and storage of vintage wine from the best vineyards and is very expensive. Storage of wine is a daunting task because it involves storing wine for many years and the rigorous production methodology that occupies apposite grape selection and appropriate barrel-aging. The computer technology has come up with an inventory application for wine enthusiasts and wine clubs called Wine Organizer Deluxe 3.2 that helps in managing and organizing wine collections.

Wine Organizer Deluxe opens with a smartly arranged interface with a grey hued background and chief options placed at the top panel. The application contains all tools for effective management of wine collection and inventories and allows clubs, restaurant owners, and wine cellar owners to organize and catalog their wine collections. The intuitive interface of the software and ready to use inventory solutions make the software immensely simple to use. Furthermore, the flexible wine database management features make the user to enter their data and store it with record templates; besides create simple and complex reports, wine labels and generate wine web catalogs and also sale lists. The software also includes tools to print the lists and reports, customized documents regarding the wine collected and sort out all wine stored. It also has the feature to provide database back up and password protection features, besides copy pasting feature and exporting reports to another database.

Wine Organizer Deluxe 3.2 is a delectable application for wine lovers and clubs that wish to enhance their wine managing operations and hence gets a rating score of four points for its stellar performance and effective functionalities.

Publisher's description

Wine inventory software for Windows. Our software allows wine collectors, hobbyists, wine clubs, and cellar's owners to organize, catalog, and manage their wine collections. For the computer novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use wine inventory solutions make it easy to set up and use. Flexible wine database management features are: quickly enter your data with record templates - access wine collection info any way you want - create simple and complex wine reports, wine want to lists, wine labels - generate wine web catalogs, or wine for sale lists. Other database management features: print report wizard, print label wizard, print customized documents, database backup, password protection, sort, simple and complex filter, export/import, summary/graphs, copy/paste record, record entry templates, copy/move record(s) to another database, and much more. There is no limit on the number of records you can add and the number of wine catalogs you can create and manage. Ordering is risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee.
Wine Organizer Deluxe
Wine Organizer Deluxe
Version 3.2
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